A Kawasaki KLR650

I bought a motorcycle today. A Kawasaki KLR650, dual sport bike.

Callum on a KLR650

Started out easy, rode around town a little. Still getting completely comfortable with the clutch on a motorbike. Heading down to Los Angeles on the bike at the weekend so planning to get lots of practice before that. 🙂

The giant silver boxes will be my new backpack. I am now a motorcycling backpacker!

6 thoughts on “A Kawasaki KLR650”

  1. Callum – this photo provoked a sharp intake of jealous breath from me! WOW! Cool. What is the plan? More posts/pics! Love, JC.

  2. My plan is to have no plan! 🙂

    I’ll likely hit Vancouver for a while, then across to Toronto / Montreal and downwards towards Argentina. I have a friend flying into somewhere in South America late in the year and I’m thinking I might rendezvous with him and ride north together. We’ll see how it plays out…

  3. Did it come with the storage boxes, or did you have to fit them?

    It looks like it probably holds less than a backpack. Traveling light is always fun, as long as you don’t have to deal with vast contrasts in climate.

  4. @Morgan Tocker: They came with the bike, one of its biggest selling points. They are probably a similar litre capacity to my current bag. But I’m going to strap my current backpack on top of the cases / frame / back seat until I get my luggage fully streamlined. 🙂

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