Gear colours

I’m buying some motorcycle gear. A triple layer jacket and riding pants from Rev’it. There are a few colour combinations.

I want to look as unintrusive as possible. I don’t want to look too alien to the places I’ll be visiting. I’m trying to look as friendly and approachable as possible.

Which colour scheme do you think works best for that?

Orange and green

Edit: Just to avoid any confusion, the jacket is not pink, it really is orange. You can see the product photo here, the same jacket I’m wearing.

Second edit: Here’s a product shot of the green trousers. I’m pretty much set on the green bottoms, the only real question is the colour of the jacket.

Green and green

Green and white

I’m thinking orange and green is my preference. The white trousers look a bit over the top in real life, the photo doesn’t necessarily do them justice. With a white jacket they make me look like a spaceman!

Share your thoughts below if you will…

7 thoughts on “Gear colours”

  1. I reckon if you want to blend in, dark colours are better – green on green. Orange can be a bit lary.

    I tried to buy a nice orange jumper at the weekend, but the gods refused!

  2. hey, looking good. Seeing you in your gear and on the motorbike give me incredibly itchy feet. Damn wish I could be on a bike next to you for some of that journey. Riding through Argentina, over the mountains into Argentina would be incredible. On a bus it was magic enough but on a bike…. wow. My guess is you end up settling in Colombia, great country, good infastructure for biking, roads in Venezuela are terrible.

  3. “Riding through the mountains, over the mountains into Argentina”

    ment, Argentina over mountains in to Chile.

  4. hi cal,
    i like the green / green combination best – but it’s to late for fashion advice now anyways, is it? 😉
    ride safe on your new bike and have fun 🙂

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