First day on the bike

My luggage took up more space than I thought. Turns out most of my stuff is still in the bag. I picked up some bungee cords at the local bike shop. I lined the boxes with paper bags and filled them. The rest went into my backpack, wrapped in the bike cover, and strapped on. I gave the chain a hosing of WD40 in preparation for the trip.

Here’s me lubed and loaded for departure.

Lubed and loaded

I left San Francisco a little later than expected at noon. My first big day’s motorcycling. I took route 1 south, the coastal road. The road twists and turns following the California coastline. I’ve read that the views are better while driving northwards. They’re pretty spectacular on the way south also.

Highway 1 going south

Not long into the ride I looked down to see the right fairing flapping against my knee. This is what the left side looks like. Notice the green part with the KL on it.

Left fairing

Now the right side with the fairing removed.

Right missing fairing

So instead of being attached to the bike, the fairing was attached to my luggage!

Fairing luggage

It’s remarkably cold on a motorcycle at 60+ mph. Even through three layers plus a jacket, it’s remarkably cold. Somehow when I’m sitting on the bike my jeans ride up above my boots, so the wind just manages to chill my legs. Longer socks required I think.

Early in the day I passed another motorcycle going in the opposite direction. The rider slipped his hand from the handlebar and gave me a half wave, half salute. It seems to be a biker code of the road. Almost all the other bikers I passed today did the same. After the first one or two I started doing it myself.

On our motorcycle training course they told us that by learning to ride a motorcycle we were joining a club. I understood that today.

The trail continues tomorrow…

3 thoughts on “First day on the bike”

  1. Darn boy…i’m jealous! Sounds amazing – such an unrestricted form of transportation!

    I remember the trademark helmet nod from my scooter days! And the leg flick to say thanks for moving over so you can overtake! Ah the joys.

  2. Shoulda got yourself a Motorbike coat from

    As for your flapping trousers….velcro or elastic bands…keep the wind out or the exposed skin will go numb….just like your ass adter the first couple of hundred miles!!

    BTW the wave is optional…you can also nod….but you must do something.

    Also, if you see a biker stopped at the side of the road, you stop to help or at least slow down enough for them to let you know all is well.

    Welcome to the club.

    1. Raymond, thanks for the tip. I’ll remember that checking bikers who are stopped. Nice plug for the coat. 🙂

      Remarkably my trousers don’t seem to flap. I’ve noticed that on other bikers and checked myself. I’m not sure if it’s the jeans or the bike, but there’s very little movement. The riding up is just because they’re too short when I’m sitting on the bike. Especially when I’m leaning forwards at highway speeds. My new riding pants should sort that out when I get them in a couple of days.

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