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If you haven’t yet discovered the revolution, check it out. You can post to all your social networks from one place. I push updates to Twitter, Facebook and a whole bunch of sites I never use. Now, I can push updates to this blog also. don’t support self hosted WordPress blogs, but they have a custom url feature. I figured somebody had written a WordPress plugin. Correct, Matt Jacob has done just that. Matt’s most excellent plugin is a whopping 853 lines of code. It includes all sorts of fandanglerey which I don’t really want. So I’ve copied the basic principle and created a much cruder version in just 89 lines of code (including lots of spurious comments). All in an afternoon’s hacking. šŸ™‚

Here’s a random picture of me bringing chocolate decadence cereal back from trader joe’s.

Grocery shopping by motorcycle

As a slight aside, I’ll shortly be removing the recent twitters widget as the same content will appear directly here on the blog.

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