Dropbox getting positive press

TechCrunch featured Dropbox which found it’s way into me via Marc Canter’s post. Seems they’ve hit 1 million users and are experiencing 20+% month on month growth. Now that’s fast.

The service allows you to seamlessly sync files over multiple computers across operating systems. They say they support Linux / Mac / Windows. Looks like a very useful tool. Not sure if I’d trust them with my most sensitive files, but I guess you could encrypt files before uploading.

2 thoughts on “Dropbox getting positive press”

  1. I’ve been using dropbox for months – and love it! Fantastic application with huge potential – they even store a file history in your online account, so if you’ve overwritten a file by accident…it’s right there waiting for you.

    From a security point of view, the guys that run it are pretty open and honest, and seem to be pretty switched on, and that gives me the confidence to use it to store confidential files.

  2. Fergy, just a thought, have you considered the legal implications of your contract with dropbox? If you don’t pay for the service, do they offer sufficient protection for your customer’s data to be entrusted to them under the Data Protection legislation in the UK?

    Might also be an interesting question to ask of your Google apps use.

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