Another WordPress plugin

I’ve been on something of a plugin writing spree of late. I’ve just written my second WordPress plugin this week.

I realised that the timezone was wrong on this blog. It’s been wrong since I left Sydney. Now that I’m posting status updates, and not using the “posted X minutes ago” format, it’s obvious when my times are wrong.

I looked into how I could change the times on my old posts. In the process I found Otto’s excellent Automatic Timezone plugin. It sets your timezone automatically including changes for DST and so on. You just choose the nearest city and it does the rest.

However, I couldn’t find a plugin that would change the timezone information on older posts. So I wrote one. The first version ruined the posts, thankfully I had run a backup before I made 90% of the changes. This version seems to work fine. New page here, it’s still waiting for approval from the WordPress plugin directory.

So the timestamp on this post is correct for my current timezone, it’s 2:17am, time for bed!

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