16 thoughts on “Got new hair”

  1. In the first pic you look like amphetamine trailer trash, in the second one a cross between Brokeback Mountain and YMCA. Drop the tash mate.

  2. hi how are you doing
    your moustache is so big it ‘s even bigger than me

    1. My moustache has gotten even bigger since I took that photo. It’s been growing every day.

      I’m well. How are you littlest brother?

      I’m in New York City at the moment. It’s getting cold here. I’m waiting about 2 more weeks then going south towards Mexico where I think it will be hotter, more sunshine.

    1. I’m well brother. How are you?

      I think a moustache and a beard together look like a beard. I think the moustache is lost in the beard. To be a moustache, I think the rest of the face needs to be shaven. What do you think?

    2. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
      how old are you? o i know you are 1 year old
      i,ve seen a chickin bigger than you

      1. You’ve seen a chickin bigger than me? What’s a chickin? How big was it? That sounds like a big chickin, whatever a chickin is.

        Me, I’m 27 now. How old are you?

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