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Got new hair

I borrowed hair clippers from Chris. After chopping off most of my hair, I decided to keep the last little bit, just for shits and giggles!

Callum got new tache

Here’s me dressed for cowboy laundry.

Callum goes pink

Posted on: September 30, 2009
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aydan at 2010-02-07 04:37:26

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm how old are you? o i know you are 1 year old i,ve seen a chickin bigger than you

aaron at 2010-02-07 04:44:35

how longs urs moustashe bro or did u chop it

Vera at 2009-10-04 14:25:45

hmmmm - I think I prefer the original, Bond Chames Bond.

Henry at 2009-10-01 03:16:53

Looks good, Callum. An updated version of your profile pic perhaps?

Fergy at 2009-10-07 07:57:31

I love the automatic rebellion against anyone telling you something you don't want to hear!

Andrew Chant at 2009-10-01 00:54:21

In the first pic you look like amphetamine trailer trash, in the second one a cross between Brokeback Mountain and YMCA. Drop the tash mate.

Callum at 2009-10-01 01:24:51

Haha, I love the descriptions, I think I'll have to keep the tache now! :-)

Andrew Chant at 2009-10-01 09:58:19

Foxy says you're the spit of Borat. Keep the tash!

Alex at 2009-10-04 05:51:53

Since when did Charles Bronson start posting on this site?

aydan at 2009-10-17 07:55:52

hi how are you doing your moustache is so big it 's even bigger than me YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HA

aaron at 2009-10-17 07:59:36

hi how u doin bro hmmm ur moustache - u neeed a beard to go with it!!! LOL

Callum at 2009-10-17 13:11:23

My moustache has gotten even bigger since I took that photo. It's been growing every day. I'm well. How are you littlest brother? I'm in New York City at the moment. It's getting cold here. I'm waiting about 2 more weeks then going south towards Mexico where I think it will be hotter, more sunshine.

Callum at 2009-10-17 13:14:29

I'm well brother. How are you? I think a moustache and a beard together look like a beard. I think the moustache is lost in the beard. To be a moustache, I think the rest of the face needs to be shaven. What do you think?

aaron at 2010-04-08 16:56:57

94 is my age and a chicken is you there DUMB like hmm u.pstt ur a cave man

Callum at 2010-02-07 10:59:36

You've seen a chickin bigger than me? What's a chickin? How big was it? That sounds like a big chickin, whatever a chickin is. Me, I'm 27 now. How old are you?

Callum at 2010-02-07 10:59:00

My moustache is even longer now. So is my hair. I look like a wild man from the hills. A crazy man. Maybe I am crazy...