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  1. I’m not sure that’s true. Alcohol is shown to hedge against heart disease, but the researchers that published the recommendation to drink red wine for that reason some years ago have mostly retracted their claims. Red wine has antioxidant properties, but in the process of acting as an antioxidant, preventing cholesterol (a substance necessary for the prepair for tissue and not exactly ‘unhealthy’) from oxidizing and getting deposited in your arteries, but in the process it does damage and raises risk of cancer in other systems.

    I get the feeling I’d agree with Michael Pollan’s general premise though.

    1. I figure a little research is worthwhile. Pollan says that people who drink up to 4 drinks a day are live longer than non-drinkers. More than 4 per day, or binging at the weekend and the harm outweighs the benefit. Can you recommend any good reading on the topic?

  2. Grr. I’ll look when I have more time later, I’m trying to remember the article where one of the researchers disowned his red wine research. Googling for ‘reservatrol,’ the compound in grapes (and wine, and grapeseed extract) will give you a lot of research and articles on the topic, but I cannot find the most important one. :\

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