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  1. Low-tech, even.

    I remember when cable-modem service in the late 90’s required that the first MAC address their system recorded never change, or any other machine couldn’t reach the net. They assumed you’d never connect more than one machine to their pipe, actually disallowed more than one, by contract detail. Tried, to disallow it!

    Within a year, cheap home routers let you either copy the required MAC from the original machine, or manually enter whatever you wanted, forever negating that BS, for _anyone_ including non-techs.

    My brilliant roommate at the time, one of the first hardcore ‘nix-heads I knew (Redhat, when it was only Redhat), built a server/router out of some low-end beater hardware, and we had a simple network even before the first Linksys or DLink cheap-o hardware routers hit the market.

    We set up a virgin installation of some Win9X on unused hardware for the cable tech to install the service on. Our “only” machine, for the household. Told him, “yep, please connect the service to this single PC…”

    Then an hour later, Ryan just used/copied the values necessary, for the Redhat router he had built. Took him a few days to tweak some routes or address relationships, but the box was on a UPS and our home network ran flawlessly for about two years straight.

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