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Since receiving my spot messenger I’ve been looking at mapping. I’d like to create a live route map that documents my travels. I’ve taken inspiration from Mark Beaumont’s map. Mark is cycling from Anchorage, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina, you can read more on his site.

The spot will update my location every 10 minutes. For $50 a year Spot will give me a map that shows my current location plus, I believe, up to 30 days of history. Example. I’d like to show my whole trip, more than 30 days of history. A little hacking turned up this. It’s the feed that drives spot’s map. Hopefully with a little jiggery-pokery, I can use the feed to create my own map with pieces added.

I’d like to show the following:

  • My route and current location, up to the last update
  • Points of interest that I highlighted along the way
  • Pictures or video showing the location where they were taken
  • Status updates plotted on the map at the place they were sent from
  • Blog posts linked to the relevant points on the map

Is there anything else you would like to see on the map? Are you familiar with open source mapping? Do  you want to help me put this together? Do you know of any mapping services I could use? Thanks in advance for your help.

Here’s a random picture from a flickr search for maps to brighten your screen.

3 thoughts on “Mapping plans”

  1. If $50 for the Spot service saves you hours of effort which would create something that eventually breaks anyways, for christ-sake Cheap-O, spend the $50!

    I do realize you want more than 30 days, and also want the ability to fabricate a “where’s callum?” map with exactly the features you really want. And can actually put something together, with your tech skills, that will do so.

    In which case, go crazy, wildman! Your readers/fans enjoy following your adventure(s), like the people on the sidelines enjoy cheering for runners in a marathon. Go Callum, go!

    Sorry I couldn’t offer any kind of the real tech components you’re actually asking for, but the idea is now planted, maybe something will sprout afterall.

    1. I already spent the $50. Well, I used a coupon code which saved me the $50, but I have the service. I need it to expose the feed to create my own map. The spot map is heavily branded and not particularly functional for my needs.

  2. X marks the OOOhh, OOohh, Oh my, I’ve never experienced such a sensation before.

    I’d certainly be interested in a kind of travel document that shows your highlights and why, even if its trivial and subjective reasoning, like this place serves really good moose burgers, or best dogging car park here.

    Are you planning to get wild wild is that why you want tracked?

    I think the thing you can offer over and above google maps and lonely planet guides is a bit of mac daddy storytelling and philosophising

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