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  1. You’re doing well I see. And a great choice of transport. Bessy should meet Harvey some time.
    I see you’re “retired” as well.
    How you payin for all this travellin ?
    You must share your secret some time….

    1. I look forward to introducing Bessy to Harvey should the opportunity arise. 🙂

      There’s no real secret to my retirement. I have about £10k in the bank, so I’m not exactly set for life, at least not at my current level of expenditure. I have drastically reduced my expenditure, that’s my top retirement tip. I’ve also decided I’m no longer willing to work. Ok, I might have to renege on that at some point if times are tough, but it will feel like a failure and it will be temporary. Exchanging time for money is not the way forward for me. I’ve chosen to push myself to do something bigger, something more important, something more difficult but probably easier. Well, that’s the idea at least!

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