Proposing WP Flavours

Instigated in part by this discussion, I think the time has come to start forking WordPress. I think there is space for a few different forks, or flavours, of WordPress. I can imagine flavours focused on security, privacy and probably others. For example, a flavour that disables all the post versionining. A flavour that strips out other parts of the code to suit a specific need.

To serve these aims, I propose to create wpflavours (or wpflavors). I imagine a site where flavours can be downloaded, an svn repo where patch sets can be maintained (maybe using quilt), and potentially a mailing list for group communication. Maybe we could host the whole thing on google code or some other public code / svn service. I suspect we’ll need server space to automate the patching and packaging process though.

If there’s sufficient interest (say anyone else interested in writing patches), I’ll register the domains, setup a simple WordPress site, figure out svn, setup a mailing list, and we’ll see what happens. If you’re interested comment publicly below or get in touch privately.

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