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  1. (alf.. Bondslave M.C. Thunder bay, ontario canada)
    well,,hello there. is that old girl.. your kawasaki KLR still taking you all around the
    world. it’s amazing to see your travels. still think about you. hope you had the
    opportunity to see the CREATOR in your explorations. bye and all best.
    hope to hear from you… alf

    1. Bessy, the KLR, is still going strong. She’s a solid old gal so she is! 🙂

      Travels are going well. It’s been a long and winding road to here, and I’m ready to rest. I’ll press on for another few months and then head home for a time, do some travelling in Europe I think.

      Thanks for the note Alf, great to hear from you. Ride safe amigo.

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