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  1. Hey,

    Did you travel down the Pan-American Highway and treacherous Cerro de la Muerte or Mountain of Death? now THAT sounds like a great biking road…almost makes me want to visit.

    I looked up your location on t’internet and particularly liked this description:

    With near perfect weather all year long, San Isidro has warm temperatures during the day and a cool ocean breeze by night. Many surfers who often come here usually sleep on the beach under the stars. However, there are accommodations here to suit every pocket. Dining is a fabulous experience, especially if you love seafood. There are a number of local restaurants or ‘sodas’ in the area, which serve everything from fresh lobsters and shrimps to delicious crabs and fish.

    Pencil me in for a hammock. Got any photos of your accommodation?

    1. We’re in San Isidro El General which is up in the mountains. There’s probably a few places called San Isidro in Costa Rica. No photos as yet, I’m currently without a camera. The house is pretty basic. There are a couple of people nearby who rent fairly basic rooms for $10 a night. We’ll have mattresses in the living room, a couple of tents, a hammock or four. I think the term they use here is “rustic”! Let me know if / when you book the flight… 🙂

      Oh, and I don’t think I’ve ridden the Cerro de la Muerte. I followed bits of the Panamerican, but not that much of it.

  2. Just checked. I can get a direct return flight for £680…now all I need to do is train Oliver (8 months old) to sleep through the night. Galvanise the mother and sister to help the wife with the kids…book some time off…pack a bag…fire up a credit card and I’m there….

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