Casa Mercurio near San Isidro

Update: Much more detailed directions are now here.

Ruben suggested our new house be called Casa Mercurio or Mercury in English. He explained why he had chosen the name of that planet, and maybe he’ll write something about that later. I’ll post a link if he does. It seems like a fine idea to me, so that’s what our place will be called.

For those wishing to visit, I’m posting directions. All are welcome. Our accommodation is basic. We have tents, tent hammocks, hammocks, and other places to sleep. We invite you to come and experience this beautiful part of the world.

We’re just outside the town of San Isidro. From other places in Costa Rica, take a bus to San Isidro. The bus from San Jose takes 3-4 hours and is run by a company called Musoc.

From San Isidro, there is a local bus that will bring you to our driveway. Take the bus for Pedegroso and San Ramon. Ask the bus driver to get off just after the road for Arizona, at Pupleria El Dorado. Our driveway is 100m before the pulperia, on the left side of the road. When following our driveway, keep to the right hand side for our house. Follow the driveway down the hill, past a small finca (farm house) and around to the left. You’ll see 4 houses in amongst trees. Ours is the one in the middle, painted yellow with green trim.

I believe a taxi from San Isidro costs about 2’500 colones (approximately $5 USD). You can tell the taxi you want the road to San Ramon, just after the road for Arizona. Then follow the directions above to find our driveway. If the gate is open, a taxi can drive right down to the house. If the gate is locked, there is space for a person to squeeze through the fence, next to the gate.

If you arrive and we’re not home, please make yourselves as comfortable as you can and we hope to see you soon.

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