Prepaid ICE sim card in Costa Rica

Yesterday I bought a prepaid ICE sim card in Costa Rica. Last time I was in Costa Rica they didn’t exist. Then they were available, but very hard to find I read. I walked into a shop called abCelular in San Isidro, and after a bit of confusion, walked out with a 2500 colones sim. Yay. 🙂

They asked for an ID card. I offered my UK driving license. That was fine, except their computer would only accept numbers in the “identification document number” spot. So instead, I gave them my passport, where the document number is only digits. I probably could have pushed the issue with my driving license, maybe they would have just entered the numerical part or something, but the passport seemed easier, and I was in a hurry.

The transaction was painless. I showed no phone and they only looked at the photo page of my passport, but wouldn’t have seen it at all if I’d pushed the driving license. It seems that prepaid SIMS are finally available in Costa Rica… 🙂

Now if only I could get service inside my house…

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  1. Sim Card vs Prepaid Phone card.

    I would be provided a local phone for emergencies by my host where i am staying. a remote area in sierpe. given this scenario, what do you think the best thing and economical thing to do is. i plan to use my phone very very little, but have an important call that i have to make on a particular day while i am visiting.

    given that i am borrowing a local phone, even if i use a calling card for my international calls, would it still count against the owner’s minutes, or bill or whatever :)?

    i have an unlocked motorola older phone that i use with sim cards all over the place (europe, asia africa etc…). i was planing to bring that and get a sim card at the air port as someone suggested. thank you for that by the way the guy who posted because for the life of me i could NOT get anyone to say how much they were lol. it looks like $20 sim card might be overkill if it gives ..07 per minute.

    so i ask, in your opinion, and knowing the remote area i am going to, which would be more feasible?

    thank you for your time and this very informative thread!

    1. oh, one more thing i just thought about. i do have 1 day in san jose when i go in and 1 when i go out (total of 2 days in san jose) that i am planing to roam around. i guess it would be nice to have a phone then also. i wont have the courtesy phone in san jose.

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