Potential location for the first lodge

The road to Bocas del Torro was closed on Friday so instead we went to Bocas Chica. By a few random twists of fate, we ended up at Pacific Bay Resort, having no idea how much we’d committed to spend. For the first day I thought it was called Paradise Bay Resort, and it absolutely lived up to that name, the place is amazing!

At dinner on night two, once most of our group had left, we got a chance to chat with Frank, the Panamanian born, American brought up, owner of the resort. I talked a little about my vision to build a lodge and his eyes lit up. Then he told me that he has another property, 30 acres, a 10 minute boat ride away. He said he’s having problems with people stealing trees from the property. He wants to protect the wildlife there.

He offered me the use of his land, 30 acres of beach-front, untouched, incredibly beautiful Panamanian coast line. He said if we don’t cut down any trees and don’t build too many structures, he’s happy to let us use the land for free. He had a good feeling about me.

Amazing! The next morning we took a boat ride over to the property to take a look. We left to see the World Cup Final (not my idea!) and then back to Boquete. Now we’re heading back down there to spend a few days looking a the place. No internet there (yet!) so I’ll be offline for a little while. But here’s a few pictures to whet your appetite …

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  1. Wow, so you are going to build something to live in rent free? Sounds fab. Keep going with the snaps/posts once you are back on the net, lots of love, JC.

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