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I’ve just acquired two short domains. They are cal.io and chm.ac. The first is cool, the second is a short version of my standard username, chmac (and formed from my initials, how original!).

I’m thinking I want to move this site, my email, and my other services over to one of the two. I can’t decide which. I think I like cal.io better, but calio.com is taken and I’m already invested in chmac. It’s my username across most sites. I’m 12 of the top 20 results in a search for chmac. I own that space.

Calio is a surname, there’s all kinds of stuff going on there. It’s an exciting new space, but it might also mean walking away from chmac, which I’m already on top of.

What do you think? cal.io or chm.ac?

Update: In the 3 days since I wrote this, while I waited for the domains to be registered, I think I’m decided on cal.io as my new domain. But, I’m still interested to hear feedback.

7 thoughts on “A new short url”

  1. I’m not sure I understand the full implications – but cal.io sounds like ‘cal yo’ which sounds like calling your name, so that sounds pretty cool to me – but what do I know about internet coolness!

    1. Arg, every other vote has been for cal.io, I was almost completely sold! I think it’ll still go to cal.io, but thanks for sharing. 🙂

        1. Now o.zh, that would be a cool domain, and damn short!

          Just discovered YOURLS, nice. I might install that on the other domain. I considered hosting my own personal shortening site. I’m also messing with shortlinks in WordPress, trying to decide if I want ?p=X or maybe just ?X and so on. Then how to loop in before the query is parsed and handle it. I could build a shortener into WordPress so all urls go through the same domain. Then combine all links into one set of ids or stick to the existing WordPress object ids. Revisions don’t need shortlinks, but that seems more complicated. Oh so many shortlink questions… 🙂

  2. Call.um?

    Saw Matt Mullenweg’s blog the other day and his url is pretty sweet: ma.tt

    Ferg.us is already gone.

    Any tips for Twitter usernames?

    1. I’d say stick with one. So if you’re going the fergy route, stick to that. I recommend choosing a username / handle and sticking to it everywhere. With a bit of persistence, it’s quite possible to own that space. For example, I own chmac. You type in chmac into any search engine and I’m 60% or more of the results. 🙂

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