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  1. This atheist/humanist has found car keys dropped into a creek, at an indeterminate location. My “universe” wanted us to get home after the canoe ride, so we were pretty darned motivated to find them, and did.

    Good on yer – you have a decent memory, logical mind, and dogged determination, I’m giving you-personally, full credit!

    But you couldn’t just call it, from another phone, to make it ring?

    1. When we got down, I realised I’d dropped it. I borrowed Tim’s phone and set off back up the hill. I made a full circuit and couldn’t find it. Then I went home, got a better light, boots, and went back with Tim’s phone again. Second time, I spotted it near the top of the hill after I called and it lit up. I was mighty pleased. 🙂

  2. “I went home, got a better light, boots, and went back”

    Now that’s, a Scot – get a bigger hammer, a plan, and start pounding till the job is completed! So to speak.

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