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  1. Holy-f*cking-wow, are you actually paying for net access, yourself?! What, you found an unlocked warehouse, won the lottery, steal someone’s credit card info …?

    I _loved_ my Sprint cellular-dial-up/EVDO, though it was too slow. But having decent speed, anywhere you have a cell signal, was money! Used to listen to streaming radio while in motion on regional-rail, on every evening’s commute home. Catch up on business email first thing in the morning, before I even arrived at work.

    Any monthly bandwidth cap? That was the last coffin nail for me with what I had – I don’t think we have any un-metered “cellular broadband” options left in the States.

    I used to stream all kinds of stuff over that little device, including TVU channels (The Daily Show!), for hours at a time. Any kind of cap, instantly prohibits what I consider modern, perfectly normal net usage.

    1. Hahaha. I own a flat here. I’m putting a cable modem in it. That way I can sign a 12 month contract and pass on the cost to a tenant if / when I rent the flat. It’s an “unlimited” package, so there’s no risk of the tenant running up monster bills in my name, unlike with ADSL which necessitates a phone line. Mobile broadband is not a practical option here. Biggest data packages are 3gb a month for £15. That’s not nearly enough data to get into hardcore streaming!

      Anyway, typically, when I live somewhere, internet is included in the rent, so I do usually pay for it. 🙂

      PS> Unlimited is never really unlimited, but the traffic shaping policy is both fairly transparent and fairly generous, so I’m relaxed about it. Plus, for an extra £5 a month and a visit from an engineer, I can get a 50Mbps down, 1.5Mbps up, genuinely uncapped, unshaped connection. Given that it’s cable, I might theoretically see 50Mbps. (Note to self, be sure to upgrade as soon as possible, just for kicks!)

  2. Oh, you never said mobile/cellular… but then, I also never imagined _you_ hiring landline service – you aren’t in any one place more than a month, max.

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