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  1. Let me know how your fitters perform (!). I might be getting heating installed in spring…What boiler did you get? Yours, geekily, James.

    1. I’m getting a Valliant ecoTEC Pro 28kw combi for £10 less than the cheapest price on eBay. 🙂 No fitting today because the merchants gates are frozen shut!

    1. £2’200 total. Haven’t seen the breakdown yet. The boiler itself is £670 plus VAT. I could have gone with a smaller boiler, a 24KW, but I decided for an extra £60 or so, better have the extra capacity in case I want to put in a bath in the future. Kevin came highly recommended from Raymond, so once the work is done, that’ll be two glowing recommendations I can pass on personally… 🙂

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