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  1. Personally I think polyamory is an excuse for guys who want the cake and then eat it too. Wanting the stability and security of a relationship but not being able to deal with commitment and compromise and wanting to browse what else is out there.
    I’ve experienced, personally, that when I am in love I don’t feel the need to be with anyone else. I have a great deal of commitment issues, but would rather not bother anyone else with them until I deal with them sufficiently myself. And until I’m ready to make a full commitment to someone, I’d rather not hurt someone’s feelings.

  2. Interesting maybe, but it’s just a common dialogue between two people who disagree that has been posted online. Don’t find it all too convincing.
    I definitely think that it is worth giving a go and experiencing, if you feel that need, but I have a few friends with a bit more life experience who have tried this way of living for a few years, yet all of them eventually fell in love with a woman and then realized it was just a fase and they were experiencing “Peter Pan” syndrome, a common way of being for men between the age of 28 and 37. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Pan_Syndrome#Peter_Pan_syndrome

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