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  1. hey callum,
    You may be aware already but just to let you know that there has been a tedx conference in edinburgh before run by these guys i think
    I also met some czeck dude undergrad who was also thinking of putting on his own TEDx event as well.. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=160780983946869
    also the tedx global event taking place will have tedx workshops in July supposedly..
    Not that I am trying to dissuade you, just for your information!
    Incidentally, Tobias is another TED aficionado

    1. Thanks for the link, I see the talk of organising an event in July on that group. It appears to be a closed group, so not sure what the status is. I also don’t see anything else online about TEDxEdinburgh in June so I’m not sure what the status is. I was told that the name TEDxEdinburgh is not available, so maybe the guy you met already got a license for it. Interesting, thanks for the info.

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