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  1. Nice! It depends where you’re flying of course (and whether you want to take a bag). By the time you factor in luggage and the fact that Rynair land god-knows-how-many-miles away and charge you for the bus they usually end up about the same.

    Shorthaul BA miles redemption is always the least effective way to use miles. Depending on where you’re flying, try another oneworld partner instead.

    1. I’ve only got 9’400 miles, so they’re not really useful for much else. They expire next month, so either I use them, and pay outrageous amounts to fly, or I lose them, or I have to spend money to buy more miles or something. Craziness. I’ll probably let them expire, apparently they’re useless as I can fly to any of the potential destinations, direct, for less money. With BA I always have to transit in London.

        1. Yeah, transit via London’s a pain. As much as I’ll never fly Ryanair, I totally get why one would when mainstream airport taxes (LHR, CDG, JFK etc.) are as high as they are!

          You could, but only if you joined my household account I think… and I wouldn’t bother to be honest since I have craploads of miles and earn them pretty quick as a gold cardholder.

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