I’ve piled all the stuff I’m hoping to freecycle in one corner of the living room. I’m planning an open house on Saturday to try and shift it all…

Everything in these photos must go including the three quarter height fridge, lamps, hoover (broken), dartboard, guide books, toaster, toastie maker, aluminium pot, bowls, candle holder, coffee tables, mirror, cutlery racks, picture with frame, bed linen, blankets, and more associated gubbins.

3 thoughts on “FreeCycling”

  1. Why are you getting rid of that stuff; some of it seems like basics any household could still use. Moving out? Selling the flat, and need it to be bare to the floor to show to potential buyers?

  2. Ahh, well if yer not living there, maybe you’ll be living on the road and the hospitality of strangers… hello-o-o-o-o-o world, Cal’s rollin’ again!

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