Stickk to your commitments this year

If you’re serious about keeping new years resolutions this year, I highly recommend The system is both ingenious and simple. You make a commitment contract. You describe what you’re committing to do, how often, and here’s the magic, how much you’ll pay if you fail to reach your commitment. Then you pick a referee (a person to tell stickk if you’re keeping up your commitment) and give them your credit card info.

If you follow through on your commitment, the service is free. But, if you fail, they’ll charge your card and give the money to either charity or a person of your choosing.

Simple, and most of all, effective, highly effective. A friend used the system last year to great effect, and I’m acting as the referee to another friend this year. It’s a highly effective system, If you’re serious about making change happen, take out a commitment contract on yourself this year.

3 thoughts on “Stickk to your commitments this year”

  1. Ooh, if you like StickK and you happen to be a data nerd then you’ll adore — it’s like StickK but more visual: keep all your data points on a “yellow brick road” to your goal.

    [disclosure: I’m part of beeminder]

    1. Beeminder seems complicated. I looked at the front page, and the about page. What’s all this yellow brick road business? Do I get to fail once before I get charged? I’m confused. It sounds like if I go off the “road” I can pledge money to get back on. That doesn’t sound like stickk at all. The point is to pledge money upfront, to pass a point of no return, to lock myself into a commitment. But maybe I’m not “getting” beeminder.

      1. No no, you don’t pay money to get back on the yellow brick road! It’s exactly like you say: the point is to risk money that is paid only if you deviate from your yellow brick road. has the nitty-gritty on that.

        We’re convinced that it’s drastically better than StickK for the kinds of goals that you can graph. For binary goals (you did it or you didn’t) I think StickK is still better.

        The real advantage of Beeminder over StickK is that you retain more flexibility, because the commitment is based on your actual data and you can change your commitment as you go. That sounds like it defeats the point of a commitment contract but the catch is that there’s always a one-week delay before changes take effect.

        This video might help:

        Do let me know if it’s still confusing; that’s really valuable feedback for us.

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