The power of data!

We want internet access to share in the house. Currently we’re all using my phone as a wifi hotspot. When I’m out, no internet. If we go over the 400Mb/day, slow internet. So last night we bought a Meditel 3g USB modem for 229 DH (~ €23).

Got it home, popped the sim card into the X301, the connection was terrible. Unusably slow. I was seeing regular >10s ping times. Unbearably slow. Tested again this morning, slightly better, but still awful. I kicked off a long running ping, copied the results into gedit, stripped out the text, saved as a csv, opened in Libreoffice and produced this.

It’s a graph showing ping times, on a logarithmic scale no less!

This morning I took the unit back to the shop and asked for my money back. The manager took the modem out to test it. I cut him off. As best I could in French, I explained that it works fine, but that the service in our apartment is terrible. Then I opened the laptop and present the graph. BOOM BABY. Full refund, thank you very much. The power of data. Oh, and I did manage to pull ~700MiB overnight, a small recompense!

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