Been blogly quiet of late, figure some of my geekier friends might be interested in my latest geeksalicious project. My dad gave me a camper van. A Chausson Welcome 28 to be more precise.

There she is half way through the first clean. I realised halfway through that we needed photographic evidence of the heroic work being undertaken!

I’m contemplating a handful of geektastic challenges at the moment. How do I radically boost wifi range? Does the aluminium body affect that? Do I need to mount an antenna externally and hook it up to a usb wifi card?

How much can I realistically run off 2 x 125Ah 12v batteries? What’s the simplest way to measure the power levels of the batteries? Do I want to jerryrig my Logitech 2.1 speakers into the 12v power supply or get a car amp plus speakers? Where do I mount the speakers? How much power will that draw?

There’s also a few more mundane issues like insurance, controle technique (vehicle inspection in France), fixing a window and tap, etc, but I’ll spare you those details.

Fellow geeks, got any inspiration to share? Send your thoughts on my way…

Likewise, any trip suggestions, nomadic productivity advice, decor ideas, camper cooking tips or other inputs are most welcome. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Camperlicious”

  1. An externally-mounted omnidirectional antenna sounds like an excellent idea! Not sure what I would connected to though. A simple off-the-shelf access point? Probably not, as you’d need DHCP etc. An OpenWRT-compatible router? A Raspberry Pi with a USB WiFi stick? The router seems like the safest bet, since you can almost always unscrew the bundled antenna and screw in the cable of another one in its place. But I guess power consumption is an issue to investigate too.

    1. Router would be ideal, even a dual wifi router, one WAN and one LAN. However, it’ll draw power. Whereas something like this would draw its power from the laptop. with a sizeable USB cable, it’d be manageable I reckon. It wouldn’t provide for my phone though…

      Oh, and I forgot to mention the same issues for 3g data access. That’s a much less obvious one because it’s hard to get a USB 3g dongle with a removable antenna!

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