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This is my WordPress site. I also use Facebook, Twitter, Identica, Plurk, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and others. To be honest, I’m not a huge social network user. I don’t quite get it when people describe Facebook as an addiction, that ain’t me. I actually avoid the news feed. Twitter I was using more, but then the connection got wiped on my phone, so it’s been a while.

But I do publish on these social networks, and when I do, I want to post on multiple social networks. There are multiple reasons behind this. First and foremost, I want to own my own data. That means, although I want to post on multiple social networks, I absolutely want to post everything to this site. If I post something on Twitter, I want it on my WordPress site as well. I want to have my own record, on my own server, of what I posted when.

Back in the day, I used to post to multiple social networks. It worked well enough, I could post by SMS or from an Android app, on their web site, even by email. But then Seesmic acquired, and after a while, they shut the service down. I missed it. I mourned it. I stopped posting.

Bottom line, if I can’t post on multiple social networks, I don’t post. I wouldn’t send messages to twitter without also copying them here, and it was manual and laborious. So I decided to build Composer. It builds on the foundation of, but takes on a bigger goal. I set out with the vision to create the best place on the internet to write. Full stop.

Composer is in alpha (that comes before beta!) testing right now. It’s live, it’s online, and you can sign up today. Right now you can post to WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Identica, and Plurk, with more in the works.

If you have any feedback at all, just let me know, in the comments below, by email, or through the help pages on Composer.

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