Kevin Gao is a spammer

Apparently some dude named Kevin Gao, having taken my email address from this web site, has decided it’s ok to spam me until I respond. Not only that, he’s sending me 5.3MB attachments every time.

Kevin Gao, stop spamming people. You suck dude. Seriously.

I encourage you to email Kevin at kevingao on the domain comm100 dotcom and tell him what you think about spammers. Ask him to give it up. Ask him to go legit.

8 thoughts on “Kevin Gao is a spammer”

  1. Hi Callum,

    This is Kevin, the one you called spammer in your post. 🙂 Firstly, I sincerely apologize for the unsolicited emails.

    As I said in my email, I emailed you because I read your posts on WordPress plugins and thought that you might be interested in taking a look at the WordPress plugin we offer.

    Now that I know your feeling, I will remove you from my email list immediately and make sure you won’t receive that kind of emails again.

    BTW, I don’t know if you noticed the unsubscribe words at the bottom of the email. If you let me know you don’t want to receive the email, I would have stopped emailing you much earlier.

    Sorry again for all the hassles. If you have any comments or suggestions, welcome to directly communicate with me.



    1. First off, thanks for taking the time to respond here. I appreciate that.

      I saw the “reply with the word unsubscribe”. That’s precisely what the illegitimate spammers do to figure out which email addresses are live. Adding me to your list and giving me the option to opt-out is against the law.

      Then, sending me a 5M attachment with every email, that’s just plain abusive dude. I expressed zero interest in your product, I actually have zero interest in it, why should I have to take any action whatsoever to stop you from emailing me? Why on earth would I want the 5M attachment in my inbox not as a link to download even if I was interested?

      My suggestion is simple. Stop spamming people. Stop emailing people without their consent. Once is fine, sure, you messaged me, I read it, I’m not interested, I ignore it. But then following up with what appears to be an automated system, that took you from the mild inconvenience category into the outright spam category. Also, as an aside, I didn’t think the email looked legit. If I did, I’d probably have replied. But I was reluctant to do anything that confirmed my email address to be real.

      I’ve edited the post to obfuscate your email address.

      1. Thanks for your prompt and informative reply.

        I fully understand your feelings. Personally, I hate spamming as much as do. I’m glad to work together with you to fight against spamming.

        I admit that there are some problems with the emails I sent to you. Thank you very much for your valuable suggestions. I will take them into serious consideration and make sure that no repeated mistakes are made in the future.

        Just to clarify, I sent each of the emails by hand, instead of using an automated email system. I directly attached the PDF with the email because I thought it was more personal and targeted. I didn’t notice it was that large. 🙂 Thanks again for your input. It’s really helpful.

        Finally, is it possible for you to remove this post? I would appreciate it very much.



        1. The post stands for now. Bottom line, I feel that it’s factually accurate. I appreciate your follow up.

          If you’re willing to publish a statement on your own site somewhere, explaining the situation from your perspective, and giving a concrete guarantee you’ll only email people once unless they reply or express interest, I’ll remove the post.

          1. Hi Callum,

            Thanks for your response.

            I totally agree with you that emails delivered have to be valuable to the recipients. I have already taken some actions based on your suggestions, such as making the email more targeted, stopped using attachments, making the unsubscribe text more prominent, reducing followup times & frequency, etc.. Thanks again for your valuable input.

            Sorry that I cannot agree to your proposal. It’s not appropriate to publish such a statement on our site. I’m not sending mass spam emails. Every email I send is targeted and personal. Many people replied and built a relationship with me. Regarding emailing only once, you know, there are indeed some people who didn’t receive the first email or didn’t get a chance to go through it but showed their interest after a followup.

            As a business professional yourself, I hope you can understand my situation.

            Thank you very much.


  2. Callum, you need to fix your WP theme. The nested comments look silly as they get thinner and thinner. 🙂

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