My first Android app

In a little over 3 hours I’ve built my first ever Android app. In fairness, I had already installed the Android SDK previously, so all I did this time was brew install node && npm install cordova and then a bit of farting around to get it working. Eventually, I found cordova run android, which is a big help. Build, install and run the app on an attached phone. Genius.

My next step is to figure out the whole Play Store upload nonsense. I guess I’ll talk to Kasper about that. I might also shoot for the App Store and one or two others also, thanks to the unlimited free open source builds on

It’s called FindMyCar and it has two buttons. Park, and Find. When I park, I hit park, and it remembers where the car is. Then later when I’m lost I hit find and boom, it launches a map / radar / etc with the location of the car. I’ll test it over the coming days. If you’re eager to try it yourself, see code or the apk. Obligatory screenshot:


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