Micha Dettbarn / Offtime is a spammer

I’ve no idea how he got my email address, possibly through BeWelcome, it seems we might move in similar circles. But somehow, I’ve been added to his mailing list talking about some nonsense product I have zero interest in, never signed up for, and don’t ever want to hear about again.

Ladies and gentleman of the internets, be warned, Micha Dettbarn is a spammer, don’t ever hand over a business card to this person, that’s my best advice.

Oh, and if you want to tell him what you think of spammers, he’s on twitter or you can email him directly to micha.dettbarn@gmail.com. Rest assured, I already reported the abuse to MailChimp, who will hopefully block his account.

8 thoughts on “Micha Dettbarn / Offtime is a spammer”

  1. is it the first time that he mailed you? do you guys have any personal conflict that you publicly post about it?

    1. I think we were both on the BeWelcome development mailing list at some point. The only messages I can find in my archives date back to 2009, so I’m assuming he got my address at some point then. I don’t think I’ve ever met him, although we have some friends in common, so there’s no pre-existing conflict as far as I’m aware. I posted publicly because, in my opinion, this kind of behaviour needs to be fiercely contested. There are too many selfish, corner cutting, people out there who say, fuck it, I’ll import my entire contact history and spam them all, because my project is really great / worth / whatever.

      1. I understand. However, why didn’t you just write him a message? There was no previous conflict, you have common friends – he seems to be a nice guy. Many times a simple personal word does help and people understand. A strategy of taking things public and make them escalate–how this here seems like–does most of the time things worse in my experience. That’s the part I still do not understand.

        1. I click the “why did I get this?” link and I get only “-” as an explanation. What would you suggest I write to the sender? There is already an unsubscribe link at the bottom. What do I write to the sender that strongly disincentivises them from importing their entire address book into a mailing list in the future?

    1. Given the size of those nuts, I can understand why you’d make the connection. I don’t believe so, but you can ask my momma if you want to be sure… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Callum seriously are you 5 years old?!!!????
    wtf t’s not cool and it’s not funny and you’re surrounding yourself with negative energy and bad karma. Micha is a wonderful guy who is working very hard to make his startup work! and for some mistake spammed people..so what?!! this happens when you try to promote your product in different ways. Why don’t you remove this childish and very embarrassing pathetic blog and go visit micha since you’re already in berlin. You guys can play basketball together.

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