Getting started with Bitcoin

You’ve heard me talk about Bitcoins and you want to join the revolution? Here’s the 30 second guide to getting started.

First, bitcoins are stored (sort of) in a wallet. You need a wallet. The best is to install one on your computer and use a seriously hectic password. I mean, seriously hectic. Like 40 digits or more, totally random. Don’t mess about with this, you use crap security, your coins are not insured and nobody can get them back for you. I use Electrum.

Buying coins is like buying gold. You can do that with bitstamp, kraken or a few others. Personally I’ve seen over $200k moving through bitstamp without issue, so they seem reasonably solid. But that’s only true in March 2014, it could change. Google for recent news before trusting your money to some random company on the internet.

That’s what you need to get started. Let me know how it goes. 🙂

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