WP Extreme Shortlinks

Looking for regular shortlinks? KEEP WALKING. Something a little different you say? You like the dark and dangerous do you? Well then, step right this way…

Warning: I’ve tested this plugin on alts.to but nowhere else. I strongly recommend you test it extensively before using it full time. You can install, test, then remove it without leaving any trace. Please share your results in the comments below.

Get the code here.

4 thoughts on “WP Extreme Shortlinks”

  1. exactly what i was looking for… except when it cames to edit wp-confing. because i use multisite with domain parking and i want to use a custom short domain. definitely i will keep an eye on this plugin for future releases.

    1. You can’t edit wp-config.php? I don’t fully understand your issue. Can you explain it to me in more detail? Maybe there’s an easy fix I can implement in the plugin to work with your scenario.

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