In the event of a Callum related emergency, hopefully this page will help…

This page might make more sense in relation to my spot pager. Once I have the pager setup, in the event of a situation where I am requesting help, links to this page will automatically be sent to my nearest and dearest. Hopefully this page can serve as a nerve centre for Callum focused emergency assistance. 🙂

I’ll update this page as I figure out the Spot pager, once it arrives, and so on. 6-Oct-2009

Contact Callum

If you’re looking to contact me, try my contact page. My latest cell phone and email are usually listed there.


I post updates via ping.fm to this blog, Twitter, Facebook, and a few others. See the “Me” section on the side of the page for links to those services. If I have cell phone service during an emergency, I will try to post via ping.fm. I usually send the same message to all services, so if there are differences between some services, there’s probably a technical issue going on.

My CouchSurfing profile usually lists my most recent login time and probable location. If the location says UK then it’s most likely wrong, I probably logged in from an open wifi network somewhere. Otherwise, the location might be correct, it’s a computer’s best guess.

Next of kin

If you’re looking to contact my next of kin for some reason (uh oh, sounds serious), my brother and mother have their own sites. They list some contact info, or you can try the word me at either of their domain names, I think that works for both of them.


If there is some kind of disaster and you would like to coordinate with other people, I’ve created an Emergency Callum forum on Tangler. That is the primary point of contact. If Tangler is down for some reason, there is a backup Emergency Callum Google group. To re-iterate, use the Tangler forum first, the Google group second and only if Tangler is not working.

The idea is that anyone can post to those two groups, and so if I’m not online to allow comments on this page (some comments will be automatically held for approval), there is a place where people can communicate directly. Also, if this site is down, there are two fall back options.

2 thoughts on “Emergency”

  1. Tthis seems all very thorough, but if it was relying on me to do something, it would take me a day to work out what all the links are:) So I do hope we don’t need it, but if you cross any border with that moustache, I think we should all be on stand-by!

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