I realised again last night how important it is to present things in the right way, to use the right words, to create the right effect.

A great example is clubs. You join a club, get really involved, and then enthuse about it to your friends. When you tell your friends, they seem really turned off by it, and what they can actually be turned off by is your enthusiasm! I find that totally ironic, although perfectly logical. The more enthusiastic you are about something, the more daunting it appears to outsiders. It’s crazy.

Anyway, that’s just an example. Last night was a good reminder that you’ve always got to consider how your audience, of one or a thousand, will percieve what you’re saying and make sure that matches the message you want to convey.

Communication, it’s a wonderful thing!

The greatest gift

When you read a great book and it really inspires you, what greater gift can you give a friend?

I’ve just read Tony Buzan’s book called How to Mind Map. It’s a genuine inspiration. I’m going to give it to my friend Ross, and buy a copy for Richard. Ross will love it and Richard was looking for it recently.

What greater gift can you offer than knowledge which can help you to develop?

You can buy the book from Amazon through my referral account on the link below:

An open source alternative to Outlook

I have just re-discovered a wonderful, wonderful application that could dramatically improve the way I use my computer.

Mitch Kapor founded Lotus and is credited with creating Lotus 123 which helped drive the computer boom of the 1980’s (or so I read!), so he’s a guy with a lot of clout in the IT world, and he’s formed an organisation called the Open Source Applications Foundation, OSAF.

OSAF are creating an application called Chandler which will allow users to organise their calendar, contacts, email, notes and instant messaging, in one application. That’s nothing new, you can do that in Outlook, but Chandler promises to do this in a totally new way. No longer will be restrained by different modes, viewing your calendar OR your contacts.

Anyway, I’m rambling about it, but it looks great, you can read more at

Blogging is huge

I’ve just been reading about blogging, and it’s huge. There are entire communities with hundreds of thousands of people reading each other’s blogs. There are even powerhouse bloggers, the big guys, some of them with over a hundred thousand readers a day. That’s a lot of blogging.

It’s a funny feeling when you discover a whole community that you didn’t know existed, but that you’re a small part of. It gives you a slight sense of belonging.

If you want to join the blog community, you can get your own blog for free courtesy of Google at:

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2004’s Goals

Well, it’s 2005 now, so time’s up for anything that was going to happen in 2004!

I set 3 very specific goals for 2004, I didn’t achieve any of them.

However, I have learned a lot over the last year. I’ve learned that anything is possible, if you have the persistence to pursue it with absolute focus. Speaking personally, I find my personal values can sometimes get in the way of achieving goals. For example, I’m not prepared to rip people off to make money. Suddenly making money becomes making money while not ripping people off, and so on.

So I suppose, what I’m saying, is that my values got in the way of my goals! 2005’s going to be an interesting year, here’s to another great year.

2005 rolls on

Can it really be a year since the start of 2004? YES!

There’s no escaping it, 2005 has started and that means time has run out for the things we said we’d do in 2004. I read that 2005 is the year of the Green Chicken, which is still in the metal series, so your luck should be a continuation of last year, and any unfinished business should be finished this year. It feels like that to me, a continuation of last year.

2004 felt like a new start, a new beginning, new opportunity, 2005 feels like same old.