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  1. Great deals on German phone contracts. Check the details and the small print carefully...
  2. German mobile telco from Aldi. Offers great roaming data deals 7 days, 65mb for €5 anywhere in Europe.
  3. Very useful tip on how to rate limit apt-get or aptitude. Upshot is for apt-get it's `sudo apt-get -o Acquire::http::Dl-limit=25k update`
  4. Useful info on powering off the 3g modem on a Lenovo X301. Also includes tips on powering off other power saving devices at boot / resume.
  5. UMTSmon is a tool to control and monitor a wireless mobile network card (GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, UMTS, HSDPA) in a laptop running Linux.
  6. USB_ModeSwitch is a little script to help switch multi-mode USB devices between modes. Mostly it's for 3g wireless modems which load initially as a usb drive with the Windows drivers. Compatible with the Huawe E220 and E169.
  7. Article on how to get the Huawei E169 running on the EEE PC (a Linux distro). Includes very detailed instructions including links to USB_ModeSwitch.

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