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  1. Similar to 99designs, but seems to have set pricing for various services.
  2. Similar to 99 designs. A design competition site by the looks of it.
  3. Tool to create infographics. Has some kind of free tier, then it's $20/mth or $50/mth.
  4. Uses Google search autocomplete to calculate long tail keywords. Looks like a useful tool. Has a simple free version without login.
  5. Live chat. Priced per team. Free for 2 agents, no features. €25/mth for up to 4, some features, €95/mth for unlimited agents plus video chat. Could be cool.
  6. Fixed savings and mortgages. Maximum possible rate is 2.36% if funds are deposited for 5 years and interest is paid annually.
  7. UK bank account without proof of address, etc.
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  8. Super useful name generator combined with domain search. Generates and checks huge numbers of domains. Great for inspiration.
  9. Business bank account for €6/month including free transactions, no foreign payment fees, iBAN, etc. It’s a virtual bank account. Looks better than Holvi for pricing. Supports GmbHs.
  10. Tool to quickly and easily add text to image. Ideal. Super simple, fast and easy, no signup or other bullshit, just use it and go.
  11. Awesome little service that shows you the content of incoming webhooks. Super useful.
  12. Rent electronics, subscription based, minimum one month contract. Delivered by mail.
  13. I met Kai at a party, he's a general practitioner and holistic doctor in Berlin.
  14. Useful concept on how to document architecture decisions in software projects.
  15. One of the UKs largest retailers of tools.
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  16. A similar alternative to the Roche Bobois Mah Jong sofa for a fraction of the cost.
  17. Vasilis's recommendation for monitor advice.
  18. Links to trails in the US, grouped by state.
  19. Your "community" becomes your support agents. It's a platform to make that happen. Saw it on evernote, also in use on airbnb and other huge names.
  20. Ruby gem that allows you to push notifications and capture responses from the terminal (or bash, etc) on macOS.
  21. FOSS focused laptops, looks like they're OSS compatible from the BIOS all the way up. Secure hardware.
  22. Useful list of VPN providers who are privacy focused. PIA is notably missing.
  23. VPN from the folks behind protonmail. $50/yr for 3 devices, $100/yr for 5 + 2 hop encryption.
  24. A GitHub clone built in go that you run offline, 100% free & open source.
  25. The alternative to WG Gesucht that folks talk about in Berlin.

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