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  1. Very useful article on setting up nginx and OCSP. Trick in my case was to enable the correct protocols and / or cipher suites.
  2. 27-10-2006
  3. A bitcoin trading channel that implemented a web of trust reputation system.
  4. Live flight arrivals from for Cape Town (CPT) airport.
  5. A hosting provider recommended by Happy Cogs (who designed the WordPress 2.5 admin panel). $20/month for shared hosting (1000 domains, 100Gb, 1Tb) , $50-$150/mth for virtual, $750/mth for a balls out dedicated server. Looks *very* good.
  6. A comparison of photoshop psd to HTML coding services, off the shelf packages.
  7. Very cheap printing with an ultra basic, unfriendly web site. Beats the prices of apparently.
  8. $73.99 for .coop domains.
  9. 01-10-2006
  10. Really handy article on how to reconstruct files from http traffic captured via wireshark. It's incredibly simple... :-)
  11. Adding Sun's Java Web Start functionality under Fedora 7
  12. Dean Edwards javascript packer. Copy / paste some js code, it'll pack on the fly for you. Including the option to shorten variable names, and even base64 encode for super duper pack'ed ness.
  13. Email / Zimbra hosting from Starts from about $50/mailbox/year. Optional "Legal Compliance" service that archives all incoming / outgoing mail permanently for $25/mailbox/year. Nice feature.
  14. 22-05-2004
  15. Very useful page which documents what the various zabbix items actually mean. Invaluable.
  16. Virtual server pricing and spec details.
  17. This probably contains the logic necessary to implement mailgate. Maybe, but maybe not.
  18. Sounds like it's a solution to the green screen on plugging in a usb monitor and getting a green screen.
  19. Script that locks the screen when the lid is closed on ubuntu 11.10 plus. Awesome.
  20. Transport information for Sydney, Australia. Check times, route plans, etc.
  21. Sites to find free stock images, some look nice. Useful list.
  22. 30 Boxes is an online calendar, todo and contact management system, a simple alternative to Google Calendar.
  23. 39 steps is Julie Diver's design studio in Edinburgh.
  24. 22-05-2004
  25. April 2007 - A guide to optimising your WordPress hosting environtment focusing on PHP, MySQL optimisations and plugin / caching optimisation.

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