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  1. 09-08-2005
  2. 12-07-2005
  3. Login / logout links for The Chateau wifi from using the chillispot software.
  4. A good introduction to the statistics math of split testing.
  5. 30 Boxes is an online calendar, todo and contact management system, a simple alternative to Google Calendar.
  6. Trip planning, bus / bart / muni schedules for San Francisco and the bay area.
  7. 800 CEO Read accounts for a large chunk of Seth Godin's early book sales. Online book store, I'm assuming focused on business books.
  8. Ning products including removing their ads, their links, your own domain, and extra bandwidth. The full suite costs $33/month plus $10/month per 10Gb disk / 100Gb bandwidth.
  9. Includes the math behind the calculation, and sample PHP code to actually generate the numbers. Very cool.
  10. 14-06-2006
  11. 14-06-2006
  12. In one place search yahoo, Google, Technorati,, YouTube and lots of others. Punch in a term, see the top results from a whole bunch of useful sites. Great idea. Hat tip Seth Godin.
  13. Comparison of the legal terms / conditions of popular video hosting sites. Looks like comes out ahead.
  14. Swahili to English / English to Swahili dictionary. Translates individual words, useful for creating names. :-)
  15. Airbrak collects error messages from Ruby on Rails (and others via unofficial plugins) apps and collects them for review. Looks interesting. Starts at $5/month up to 4 projects, 4 users, 15 errors per minute.
  16. Excellent domain search tool, ajaxified, and supports multiple (even configurable) extensions, probably not 100% reliable though if it relies on whois.
  17. Monitoring with a focus on browser experience. Plans are €10/month for simple, $50/month for 1 browser, $100/month upwards for the full service.
  18. Alltop is a series of one-page-aggregations based on It's put out by 3 people including Guy Kawasaki in a company called Nononina.
  19. 14-06-2006
  20. Orange provide an SMS API using shared shortcodes / international UK number. Not sure what pricing is, complicated, but they are listed. Probably not a first choice.
  21. Some kind of alternative app market based on subscription, starts from $9.99 a year.
  22. 17-06-2006
  23. Simplified python hosting in "the cloud".
  24. Scripts to auto install node.js on Ubuntu. Includes a few handy dependencies, etc. Neat.
  25. Cheat sheet of firebug shortcut keys.

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