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  1. Rsync to S3 is a service which combines EC2 and S3 to provide a bandwidth efficient S3 based backup mechanism. It takes advantage of the free bandwidth between EC2 and S3 to overcome the limitations of S3 for rsync backup.
  2. S3sync and s3cmd are ruby interfaces to Amazon S3. S3cmd provides a command line interface to manage S3 buckets. S3sync provides a command line interface to copy data to and from S3.
  3. JetS3t provides a java interface for programmers to write applications which interact with Amazon S3. There are a few tools built on top of it to allow access to Amazon S3 via java apps.
  4. Duplicity performs incremental, encrypted backups onto a range of interfaces including scp, ftp, rsync, WebDAV and Amazon S3. It uses standard tar, rsync and GPG tools, so the data can be recovered manually.
  5. Zettabits is a hardware device you lease and install on your network. It contains local hard drives backed by Amazon S3 storage. You write your data to the box, it writes it to S3.
  6. Bucket Explorer is a user interface (front end) for Amazon S3. It comes in a Windows and a Linux distribution. If you provide "useful" feedback during their beta period, they'll give you a free licence!
  7. Quillen is a backup tool backed by Amazon S3. It's currently (Oct 2007) in Alpha.
  8. This site provides a list of Amazon S3 interfaces, it seemed to be pretty comprehensive as at 27 Oct 2007.
  9. S3Browse allows you to browse your Amazon S3 account via their web site. Fancy that!
  10. JS3tream will read stdin and write the data to Amazon S3. It can be wsed with tar or gzip for online backup. It can also read from S3 back to stdout. Data is stored in sequentially numbered files, so it could be reconstructed with cat.
  11. JungleDisk is a WebDAV server which stores it's data on Amazon S3 (via a local cache). It's commercial, non-free software for Linux, Mac and Widows and costs $20, lifetime registration.
  12. is a backup service based on Amazon S3. You upload your files (via a flash uploader) to and they store them on S3. They charge a small premium over S3 prices.
  13. WeoCEO is designed to provide a constant front end to Amazon EC2 / S3 services. It provides stable IP, load balancing and DNS management to ensure your app stays online.
  14. An article describing a system that uses client side load balancing in a Web application. Voxlite is the example application built on Amazon EC2 and S3.
  15. 3tera provide a grid platform to deploy "virtual appliances" on a "virtual datacentre" built on top of commodity hardware, similar to Amazon's EC2/S3.
  16. A list of Amazon S3 interface applications provided by Amazon's Developer Connection.
  17. A comparison of Amazon S3 backup tools, a mixture of Windows, Linux and Mac options.
  18. Manage your Amazon S3 files from within Firefox using this plugin.
  19. Interesting article on offloading images to Amazon's S3 service to improve site performance (WordPress in this case).

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