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  1. Open source monitoring framework that can be used as a sort of middleware between metric collection and metric storage / analysis, I think.
  2. Metric storage and analytics service, comparable to Librato Metrics presumably. Cost per metric per month, 40c.
  3. Personal tracking tool. Very sweet, allows me to enter my own metric, so it tracks anything. Not sure about the interface. Pro plan at $4/month, nice price.
  4. An open-source non-profit personal data visualization framework to help you make sense of your life and compare hypotheses about what affects your well-being.
  5. Interesting app about measuring peak brain activity through experiments and collecting data. Smart.
  6. Simple question sent by email every day and you reply by email to track the results. Useful, but bit low tech.
  7. Automatic daily tracker that logs how you get from place to place (walk, bike, etc) automatically, in the background. Android / iOS. Acquired by Facebook.
  8. Write questions and track the answers. Brilliant, except it seems to be email / web only. :-(
  9. A super fancy version of the jawbone up or the fitbit. Well, fancy in the sense of appearance. Small, sleek, designer.
  10. One site (the original) about the quantified self. Useful articles probably.
  11. Awesome report card generated from public GitHub info. Impressively fast also. Mostly humorous but potentially useful.
  12. Mirror of the same bluesmoon / lognormal blog post on analysing performance data.
  13. Blog post from bluesmoon / lognormal on how to analyse performance data. Includes some great points on geometric means and geometric standard deviation which better apply to lognormal distributions than arithmetic means / standard deviations. Very useful.
  14. Useful online book on statistics. A work in progress, but looks very valuable.
  15. A very useful SSL check utility which will support non standard port numbers. Useful for monit debugging on port 2812.
  16. A web based tool to produce graphs based on data stored in RRDTool, usually used as a front end for data collected through systems like nagios.

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