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  1. Your "community" becomes your support agents. It's a platform to make that happen. Saw it on evernote, also in use on airbnb and other huge names.
  2. Mockup tool. Useful for designing application mockups. Web version for $12/m or download app for $79.
  3. Package any app as a lightweight container. Comparable to the shipping container, the idea is that containers all behave the same, apps within them do whatever they want, standardisation is achieved.
  4. Awesome, simple, beautiful meditation timer. Javascript based, great sounding bowl bells.
  5. Tips on how to use the Amazon Android google market alternative outside the US. It centres around proxying the IP into the US. Might be possible to tether to a proxied connection, could be simpler.
  6. Simplified python hosting in "the cloud".
  7. Seems to be the best way to build cross platform mobile apps around. It's open source, free, and includes a cloud based build platform that will build an app for multiple mobile environments all "in the cloud". Easy.
  8. Ruby, Node.js and Clojure application hosting. Pricing is based on web and background workers. One node free.
  9. Article mentioning a selection of django hosting providers that provide "managed hosting". Very useful, some great companies.
  10. Online coaching, feedback, performance reviews, that kind of jazz, for teams or businesses based around facebook or something of that nature.
  11. Funky open source web app around task management that syncs and has a client across Mac, Win, iPhone, Android. Apparently no linux support. Built on top of Titanium from appcelerator.
  12. Incredibly interesting app development platform that builds apps for all platforms (desktop & mobile, including linux, yay!) quickly with a single API. Open source, free, pay for premium support. Very, very interesting business.
  13. Some kind of alternative app market based on subscription, starts from $9.99 a year.
  14. Access to the meta data of the Android Market on a web site. Includes links to other sites, but no download facility.
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  15. List of android and other platform app stores. Includes the major ones.
  16. A Windows desktop client that allows downloading from the Android market. Requires Google username / password and some other data that appears to be sniffed off the device.

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