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  1. To fix SSH agent forwarding, set the $SSH_AUTH_SOCK value. I copied it from my first login into my screen session and it worked fine. :-)
  2. How to save usernames / passwords so bazaar doesn't ask for them every time. Handy.
  3. Article on how to use a YubiKey alongside SSH RSA key based login. Bit of a hack, but it appears to work. Nice.
  4. Article explaining how to use yubipam to enable yubikey authentication on a linux machine. However, yubipam only supports single factor auth, username + token, no additional password.
  5. PAM module that allows offline authentication against a yubikey. Requires a key to be retrieved from yubico by sending email plus payment info, etc. Less secure than online validation. Only supports single factor auth, username + token, no password.
  6. Script to enable a yubikey to be used with luks full disk encryption. Very interesting...
  7. A clever pseudo-hack that allows a web site to determine if I'm logged into facebook / gmail / digg / possibly other sites based on various urls which are only accessible to logged in users. Obviously smashed by noscript... :-)
  8. How to get custom RSA SSH keypairs into EC2. There is one region missing from this post.

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