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  1. The core WordPress / bbPress features broken out into their own (sort of) framework. Interesting if building something resembling WordPress but a little off-piste.
  2. TalkPress VIP is a bbPress forum hosting service from Automattic / Starts from $1'000/mth plus $1'500 setup. Application process, not all sites accepted, like VIP.
  3. TechCrunch on Automattic's raising $29.5 million dollars.
  4. GigaOm post on Automattic raising $29.5 million dollars of investment.
  5. QuantCast stats on the hosted network
  6. BuddyPress is a series of plugins which transform a vanilla WordPress MU installation into a social network. It's due for final release around Dec 2008.
  7. Automattic offers support services for WordPress and WordPress MU (Multi-User) through the Automattic Support Network. $2'500 basic, or $5'000 premium per person per year. Premium includes performance tuning, enhancements, etc.

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