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  1. AWESOME! Well, as #awesome as windows / IE can get. Download virtualbox (or other) images of IE6-11 / Windows for testing. Licensed, legal, and everything!
  2. Simple open source regex to detect mobile browsers. Very cool, super useful. Free and open source. Yay!
  3. A really easy to understand intro to html5 and other stuff. Very handy, beautifully written, elegantly presented, a joy of a web page.
  4. Very useful article on offline web apps using HTML5 cache manifests.
  5. Very handy script that might provide a way of using the browser as a proxy. Needs a little investigation to be sure.
  6. BrowserShots is an open source project which allows you to see screenshots of a url in a huge number of browsers across a number of operating systems. Very useful for web site development / testing.

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