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  1. Flight search, owned by Google, searches a month's worth of dates, not quite sure I see the point, but trusted folks rave about it.
  2. Some crazy cheap flights if you get the rights date / destination combo.
  3. Cheap flight search, in French only, but seems to cover some airlines that SkyScanner didn't. Nathaniel found ultra cheap flight from Marrakesh to Marseille for example.
  4. Mobissimo is a travel search enginge. You can search for flights, hotels, etc, etc.
  5. Jetstar are a budget airline that fly all over Australia / New Zealand and to Singapore and Bangkok (possibly further afield).
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  6. lists all the budget airlines that fly from country to country. You can search by departure and arrival, and they provide links to the various web sites. Damned handy! :)
  7. JetBlue are a budget airline that operate across most of the US.

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