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  1. Super useful name generator combined with domain search. Generates and checks huge numbers of domains. Great for inspiration.
  2. Your "community" becomes your support agents. It's a platform to make that happen. Saw it on evernote, also in use on airbnb and other huge names.
  3. Business Intelligence platform, cloud based, supposedly "the shit". Starts out free for up to 100GB of data then it's "talk to sales".
  4. A company-as-a-service provider. From $500 + $50/month, which is cheap to setup, expensive to run. Supports a few jurisdictions. Does everything online.
  5. Free anding pages, up to 2.5k visits per month, or $15/month up to 25k visits. Looks basic but probably useful, and great for quick tests.
  6. Sucks data from Google Analytics + ecommerce tools to provide a cross tool view of your data. Multi channel ecommerce analytics.
  7. Neat little open source time tracking app for Mac. Simple, open source, and gets the job done.
  8. Great series of videos from Derek Sivers on what makes businesses succeed.
  9. A great article on the apparent insanity of venture capital funding economics and how vcs make decisions.
  10. Online coaching, feedback, performance reviews, that kind of jazz, for teams or businesses based around facebook or something of that nature.
  11. Crowdfunding business in the UK. Similar to KickStarter, but focused on actually buying equity rather than a finished product. Seems a lot less polished and much smaller scale that kickstarter.
  12. People pledge to make payments, developers deliver, then payments are collected. Similar to kickstart, but a little different. Very cool. Hat tip Anthony Feint.
  13. An interesting business focused app for twitter. Handle twitter content in a biz friendly fashion, multiple accounts, one login, see threads, set tasks to follow up, etc. Looks useful.
  14. A clever business built by Jeremy Rice on top of Ning and Literally genius. On demand translation services delivered over the phone. Find somebody online right now.
  15. Seth riffs on the difference between buying attention and building attention. Useful to share with people who are in the process of "getting it".
  16. 279 days to overnight success, the manifesto by Chris Guillebeau.
  17. Gazelle will take your old electronics and resell, reuse or recycle them for cash. Type in your item and they'll give you a price right away. Accept, they send you a box, you drop the item in the box and mail it back. Done. Michael S Cann invested.
  18. UK version of StubHub, online ticket marketplace. Michael S Cann invested in viagogo.
  19. This article is meant to be a complete summary of funding options for startup founders. In effect we're open-sourcing the kernel of what we tell founders about funding at Y Combinator.
  20. California based venture capital company focusing on seed funding, started by two stanford graduates.
  21. A self taught MBA type course in business through reading.

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