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  1. 2014 numbers for global remittances from the World Bank.
  2. Information on remittance from the world bank. Useful.
  3. StackOverflow plus cash. Pay to have questions answered. Answers are public for all to benefit from.
  4. Commit to monthly donations to support developers who make cool shit. Potentially awesome.
  5. Put a bounty on any GitHub issue, either pledging, or collecting.
  6. International money transfers for about 0.5% if I read correctly, £1 below £200. Drop cash in their bank, cash turns up in the destination account in 1-3 days.
  7. Location of AEON ATMs in Thailand. The only ATMs that don't charge 150 baht foreign card withdrawal fee!
  8. Great article from MSE on the best cards (credit or debit) to spend and withdraw cash on overseas. Best for me is currently N&P.
  9. Great advice from MSE on how to send money overseas. Includes a link to the post office international transfers, which offer better rates than banks, no fees, and arrives in a similar amount of time. Bloody brilliant.
  10. Simple article on how to set up a PayPal account that is not easily or directly linked to a person's name.
  11. Vaguely illegal sounding article on how to use PayPal anonymously. Involves gift card based activation, a clean IP, and an anonymous card that can be used as a bank account. US specific.

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