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  1. PaaS offering for a wide range of platforms, free up to 8 servers, 2G of ram, 100M database. Supports, PHP, Node.js and more.
  2. PaaS offering for Node.js. Based on units called "drones". Starts at $3/month for a single drone, free for open source projects.
  3. An article on how to run magento in "the cloud". Includes a split admin / front end severs. Useful.
  4. A cloud monitoring / type service. Partly open source.
  5. Simplified python hosting in "the cloud".
  6. PHP cloud hosting. Very slick architecture. Custom managed EC2 nodes deployed behind varnish caches and nginx load balancers. Fairly reasonably priced.
  7. Ruby, Node.js and Clojure application hosting. Pricing is based on web and background workers. One node free.
  8. Article mentioning a selection of django hosting providers that provide "managed hosting". Very useful, some great companies.
  9. Useful article on how to deploy django apps on nginx. Handy.
  10. Handy list of the ami codes to launch an ubuntu server instance on amazon's EC2.
  11. Another cloud based scale solution for MySQL, aims to simplify deploying MySQL "in the cloud".
  12. Cloud based database that tries to achieve a new type of scalable, highly available, fault tolerant persistent data storage layer in "the cloud".
  13. Managed cloud computing. A slicehost server for about $50 is roughly equivalent to $113 with enki. Not outrageous for a managed service, depending on how deep the management goes.

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